DeFi Needs Security, They Said
Challenge Accepted, We Replied

NekoGuard provides full spectrum security to DeFi projects of all sizes and types. Penetration testing, smart contract auditing, network penetration testing, phishing assessment, brand auditing and KYC services. Let's get started.

Adversarial Assessments

NekoGuard conducts network and application penetration tests as well as social engineering audits for DeFi and Web3 projects.

Smart Contract Auditing

Our pool of assessors performs cross-chain smart contract security assessments.

Brand Auditing

The experienced team behind NekoGuard audits DeFi brands' strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.


NekoGuard is a trusted KYC provider for teams looking to infuse transparency and integrity into their projects.

About NekoGuard

Security First

The team behind NekoGuard comes from deep backgrounds in IT and cybersecurity.

DeFi and blockchain are here to stay and adoption will only continue to grow. In a space where growth is exponential, security often lags and is frequently deprioritized in favor of "shipping first." NekoGuard ensures that, despite this alarming pace of growth, businesses and teams remain vigilant with their security and integrity. NekoGuard will:

  • Help teams and projects secure their infrastructure and applications on- and off-chain
  • Help projects ensure hackers/scammers cannot easily engineer their people
  • Help teams remain transparent through cutting edge KYC services
  • Help projects realize their full potential by identifying opportunities for brand evolution

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